The raw materials

The wheat: “Ten months to grow up”

The taste of wheat is like a journey through time, like the wind forming golden waves on the fields to harvest.

In order to obtain a fine product for taste and quality, first of all it is necessary to respect the life cycle of wheat which needs ten months to “grow up”, by following its main growth stages.

The golden ear keeping inside the precious grains of wheat has always been, since ancient times, the symbol of fertility of the earth.

From a single grain of wheat, through tillering, dozens of ears and thousands of grains can spring up and grow.

This is the reason why man has always given much importance to wheat associating it with a fascinating symbolic representation: wheat is metaphor of fertility, abundance, productivity.

The selection: “Of quality, naturally”

Only by an excellent selection of the best durum wheat it is possible to obtain a semolina which guarantees the authentic tastes of pasta and protects the best organoleptic features.

These are the reasons why we decided to produce Abatianni pasta by sifting among the best types of semolina present on the territory; so we chose to produce pasta with only extra durum wheat semolina and whole durum wheat semolina.

These types of semolina have different nutritional and healthy features in common like the high content of proteins. The contribution of complex carbohydrates ensures the body an energy supply which is prolonged in the time.

These are the features which make Abatianni pasta “of quality, naturally”.